Living in L.A. can be hectic and almost always involves driving. It can be healing to leave the hustle and bustle of the city-- to be closer to nature, if only for an evening or weekend.

Our workshop space in Topanga is designed with nature, beauty and slowness in mind. Here, you can drop into yourself more fully. Yes, you will likely have to drive to get here and the time spent leaving the city will help you know you are doing something different, special and important. When you arrive, the journey as already begun and we can continue what you have already started.

The Topanga studio is a retreat-like setting nestled in the Santa Monica Mountain town of Topanga. It is an 800+ sq ft  detached studio with an open floor plan located behind a private home. As such, address is only provided upon enrollment. The studio is located about 6 miles from PCH and 6 miles from 101. For more specific details please call. 

What parents say about coming to the workshop space in Topanga:

"The beautiful setting at your lovely home in such a beautiful natural setting was fantastic - welcoming, comfortable, spacious and inspiring.  Thank you so much!!!"

(310) 738-7390


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