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Returning from Birth

Private Session: 90 minute

Childbirth Education and More
at each of our locations in 
Santa Monica, South Pasadena, and Topanga

Private Session: 3 hours

If you would like to find out more about working privately with Britta either by Skype or in person (Santa Monica, Pasadena or Topanga) please fill out the form below or call: 310-738-7390.

Working privately with Britta can be for parenting support, relationship mentoring, or if you just need a little extra guidance and someone to listen deeply. I work with women and couples.   

Private sessions are either 90 minutes for $225 or 3 hours for $400. Longer sessions allow for deeper exploration and more lasting change.

Birth transforms us. Giving birth alters us.

Becoming a mother is something entirely new. 

At times these changes come along and we embrace them fully, easily, openly. At other times, we struggle, resist, and even suffer in the process. Women, men, and partnerships/couples often need support to integrate the changes and transformations that occur through the physical, emotional, and social experience of becoming a parent through the act of giving birth. Looking for more support or guidance while you begin to nurture your baby, grow yourself as a parent and sprout your new identities? We can help! 

You can work privately with Britta or join one of our birth story circles with other mothers. These circles create an opportunity for mothers to explore their birth experience in new ways, opening up fresh understanding and planting the seeds for growth and healing.