Childbirth Education and More
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"Britta was an incredible teacher during my pregnancy when my husband and I took her Embodica classes, and a few months after our son was born, I was able to see her privately and for a couple's session with my husband, and, not surprisingly, she was incredibly helpful and inspiring. Britta's one-on-one work was so powerful and effective- she helped give me tools to navigate the winding path that is new motherhood, and she gently pushed me to go inside of my worries and live with them while being kind to myself. When my husband and I went to see her, she was so helpful in finding ways that we could really communicate with each other and hear each other without hurting one another- we regularly use her tools and strategies when discussing difficult issues.  I am actually not entirely sure what people that don't know her do when they have children, because she has been such a force of spiritual centeredness to our family during this transitional time. We are SO thankful that we have had the privilege of working with her, both in her Embodica classes, and especially one-on-one. Thank you, Britta!"

Private Session: 3 hours


Private Session: 90 minute

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Relationship Mentoring

If you would like to find out more about working privately with Britta either by Skype or in person (Santa Monica, Pasadena or Topanga) please fill out the form below or call: 310-738-7390.

Working privately with Britta can be for parenting support, relationship mentoring, or if you just need a little extra guidance and someone to listen deeply. I work with women and couples.   

Private sessions are either 90 minutes for $225 or 3 hours for $400. Longer sessions allow for deeper exploration and more lasting change.


for Parenting and Relationship