Becoming a parent for the first time can bring excitement, trepidation, new concerns, and a love that is difficult to quantify. There are so many new experiences along the way to becoming a parent, taking childbirth classes is often one of them! 

Many partners and fathers attend childbirth classes to support their beloved or because they believe they "have to." Some come because they want to know what to do or how to "coach" effectively in labor. Others want classes to help them "get on the same page" as their spouse. And still others, want to do whatever they can to prepare themselves and their relationship for the rigors of labor, birth, and new parenthood.

Whatever your reasons, classes with Embodica will support you on your way into parenthood with humor, concrete details, opportunities for practice, deep connection with your partner,  a chance to meet other soon-to-be parents, and a lot of fun too! Classes are not boring, nor are they taught lecture-style requiring a lot of note-taking. Classes are interactive and engaging while also scientifically grounded, highly practical, and extremely supportive of your unique role as partner and co-parent.  In our classes, partners are given as much focus and preparation as the birthing mothers. Partners and fathers are seen as integral to labor, birth, and parenthood. In these classes, you are not sidelined as merely "coaches," rather you play a key role with your partner, with your baby, and with your own development into parenthood. We celebrate and understand that through pregnancy and birth, you are becoming a parent!

It is often the partners who leave our classes most amazed by how much they got out of them. Don't take our word for it. Read the testimonials on this page and more like it here

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Partners and Fathers

Testimonials ​​from a few partners~
"Like many first-time fathers, I didn't really know what to expect from a birth class. I imagined it would be an extension of the books I had read. A ton of information thrown at you. Lots of notes. A cram session for the most important test of your life. However, now standing on the other side of it all, here's the thing I've come to realize: birth (and the ensuing transition to fatherhood) is anything but an intellectual pursuit. It's probably the most basic, primitive, animalistic process that humans can experience. So the typical idea of a class doesn't really apply. The most helpful preparation isn't about filling your brain with facts and techniques and guidelines, but rather, learning to tap into the old parts of the brain--the instinctual, emotional core. Unfortunately, many men don't often fully appreciate the emotional journey of birth. We focus solely on the rational, practical process of going from A to B--of just getting through it. And while a basic foundation of knowledge and techniques are certainly covered, this class is really more about building confidence in yourself and in your relationship. It's about becoming strong enough to be able to let go. That might sound a little vague or silly now, but trust me, it's everything. And you can't get it from a book or some trendy birthing method. You have to put in the work--both with your partner and yourself. This is where having a great guide is crucial. Britta is an incredibly well-educated and effective teacher who is great at communicating through interactivity and discussion rather than just lecturing. The group dynamic that developed was such a pleasant surprise. To be able to share your thoughts, concerns and goals with a group of peers who are going through the same thing is so incredibly valuable. I'm not always the most extroverted person, but I found myself opening up about a lot of things I hadn't even begun to consider previously. The conversations never felt forced or awkward, as Britta is excellent at making everyone feel at ease while also inspiring genuine, deep introspection. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It was more than just an education, it was the spark that I needed to begin the journey into fatherhood with confidence and insight. Thanks Britta!"

​Speaking as a Dad-to-be, I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful class this is.  My wife and I did a weekend immersion and were blown away by the power of the experience.  Britta is quite simply one of the best teachers I have ever had for any subject. With a background in mythology, Britta guides you through the birth process in a way that not only gives you a complete sense of all the logistics you'll need to know, but really empowers both you and your partner to take on birth as an experience of awe, respect, and deep psychological transformation. By the end of the weekend, my wife and I felt so much more equipped to face the enormous journey we are about to embark on, so much more connected to the love we have for each other, and so much more inspired to dive into our future as parents.