“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

~ Maya Angelou

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Mothers' Circles

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Childbirth Education and More
at each of our locations in 
Santa Monica, South Pasadena, and Topanga

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Upcoming Sessions:

Six Week Mothers' Circles


Nov. 29, Dec. 6th, 13th, Jan. 3rd, 10th, & 17th 

(sold out)

More dates coming soon! 

(Address shared upon enrollment)


When I was a new parent, I longed for community, for with whom I could connect, share, and explore deeply the transformation that was occurring within me and around me. I found a baby group of local parents, some of whom are my dearest friends to this day. Still, the group was not all that I needed or wanted. While discussing feeding issues and parenting challenges was valuable, what I longed for and found difficult to locate was a place for a depth of conversation beyond diapers and sleep. I longed to be held in a circle of other parents who were also being transformed by parenthood, to find a space where this transformation was a central aspect of our shared exploration. Finding  that proved difficult. These circles offer to parents just such a space. 

This is not your typical parenting group. This is not a "bitch session" although open, tender, and deep sharing about the challenges of parenthood are welcome. This is not about parenting solutions, although exploring how to listen to your own wisdom will be encouraged. This is not an opportunity to complain about your partner, but exploring changing couple dynamics will be addressed and supported.

You can do more than just survive new parenthood, you deserve to thrive!

Groups are facilitated and guided to allow for maximum impact for all participants. 

Unplug, share, drop in, and connect with other parents. 

6 week series covers the following topics

week 1: Gathering the Bones

Motherhood and identity~ collecting parts of ourselves from the process of birth and early postpartum

week 2:  Awakening from Innocence

the reality of new motherhood

week 3: Finding Your Unique Way

learning to listen deeply to your inner-mother-wisdom

week 4: Embodied Woman

reconnecting with your womanly body

week 5: Sexy Mama

exploring sexuality and partnering as a woman and a mother

week 6: A Woman of Purpose

sharing your gifts

Schedule subject to change as needed.