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Photo Credits

Justyna Jaworskawww.takeoffthelenscap.tumblr.com Justyna took many beautiful shots while we were in India that I have used in several ways across the website. 

The black and whites taken when I was pregnant with my second baby were done by James Wvinner.

Many of the photos of new parents with their babies are of parents who have taken classes with Embodica. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Some are stock photos purchased for public use. 

Most of the other photos were taken by me or another member of my family.

Thank you all!

This website was built and is maintained by Britta Bushnell and Embodica. It's a work in progress! 



Thank you to all who have allowed me to share your photos,  photos of you or your words of praise on my website including:

Sari and Iam, Sonya and Scott, Nonie and Dan, Mary and Mark, Ish and Jesse, Julianna, Rebecca, Brandy, Carrie, Sue, Tracey, Grant, Matt, Cathlene, Amanda and Rey, Curtis, Natalie, Jennifer, and  Alecia.

I am grateful for your words and the faith it  shows by allowing me to share them. 

Thank you. I am deeply honored.


Childbirth Education and More
at each of our locations in 
Santa Monica, South Pasadena, and Topanga

Childbirth education, birth classes, private coaching and workshops are held in three different locations to provide services to different communities around Los Angeles; Santa Monica, Topanga, and South Pasadena. 

  • Topanga: Classes are held at a private residence in Topanga Canyon, 6 miles from 101 and 6 miles from PCH. Address provided upon enrollment.