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These classes are a complete childbirth preparation program. Parents are encouraged to take classes in newborn care and breastfeeding (as needed) as those topics are not the focus of these classes. More questions answered on our FAQ page.​​

"Speaking as a Dad-to-be, I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful class this is.  My wife and I did a weekend immersion and were blown away by the power of the experience.  Britta is quite simply one of the best teachers I have ever had for any subject. With a background in mythology, Britta guides you through the birth process in a way that not only gives you a complete sense of all the logistics you'll need to know, but really empowers both you and your partner to take on birth as an experience of awe, respect, and deep psychological transformation. By the end of the weekend, my wife and I felt so much more equipped to face the enormous journey we are about to embark on, so much more connected to the love we have for each other, and so much more inspired to dive into our future as parents."

~Sean C class participant 2016


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Childbirth Classes

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Schedule of Classes 

(Classes sell out. Please enroll early to ensure your space.)


Six-Week Series
I will be taking a brief hiatus from teaching classes while I work on my book. I will be back to teaching six-week series in September.  Thank you for your interest in my classes. Please stay tuned for my book!

Weekend Immersion

May 12th & 19th (SOLD OUT)
Two Saturdays

Location: Private Studio

Six Week Series and Immersions are $475 per birthing individual 

(partner included). 

Some scholarships available. 

Contact us to apply.

There is more than one way

to give birth.

Seek your answers.  Discover your truth.

Begin your unique journey into parenthood.

Listen to Britta's interview on "The Informed Pregnancy Podcast" where she talks about Myth and Metaphor in Childbirth
Childbirth Education and More
at each of our locations in 
Santa Monica, South Pasadena, and Topanga

Childbirth classes

and preparation for

birth as a rite of passage

Becoming a parent is a powerful journey filled with questions, excitement, some trepidation, and joy. Everywhere expectant parents turn they receive advice about how to birth, parent, feed, and care for their yet unborn child. They can be bombarded by birth stories even while at the grocery store or from well-meaning friends. All the while, the gestating parents ask themselves questions about what is important to them about their birth experience. Navigating the waters of pregnancy and birth can be challenging in the face of so much information and so many good intentions.

Preparing for your birth with my classes is stepping into truly holistic childbirth education and preparation. These classes prepare you for birth not just in the mind—learning about the process of birth from the parent's perspective, but with your body and in your intimate relationships too. Preparing for birth involves learning how to cope with the possibility of pain, intensity, and fatigue while also and perhaps most importantly, preparing for the unknown and unknowable aspects of labor, birth, and new parenthood. These classes help you tap into the internal resources to navigate your birth journey with heartful intentionality rather than fixed goals. You will learn what to do when you don’t know what to do. 

Birth is a transformational experience for all involved. To give birth is to be forever altered in so many profound ways. It is a rite of passage that is the primary event that takes you from person to parent and brings a new being onto the planet. AND there is no one way to give birth. Birth has its own agenda, timeline, and plan. All the careful study and detailed planning cannot dictate exactly how your birth will happen. There is much you can do to support the journey and ultimately, the most valuable preparation is learning how to roll with the unexpected. Birth, like parenthood, is a practice of letting go of expectations--acknowledging that control is impossible. How to best lose control is an amazing way to prepare for the powerful forces of nature that take over in birth. Labor and birth are powerful. To meet these energies one must let go, be flexible, and be equally powerful and OPEN.

Preparing for this journey requires learning in the body and through practice. In birth, the intellect that you have known will be transformed. The experience shifts to a bodily one. You must give birth in the body. Preparation too needs to be body-centered through practice and learning that sinks deeper—learning that can be accessed when the intellect is less active due to the hormonal refocusing that occurs in labor. My classes do this. The informational lessons are taught in a way that informs more deeply, through story and images easily retained and accessed in the mental fog that is created by the hormonal cocktail served by labor. You will learn ways to cope with pain and intense sensations. You will practice alone or with your partner gaining confidence and competence to actually be successful in birth and as birth support.

And what about birth partners? They are more than "birth coaches" needing to learn the best cheers to keep you going. These loved ones are having a baby too and are being transformed into parents. Their experience is unique,  important and vital. Partners have a unique role. They are not only becoming parents themselves, but they are expected to be superhuman while supporting their beloved in a completely unfamiliar and challenging experience AND they are expected to be good at it! This is a tall order. Together in class, we do all that we can to build the skills of your partner and the familiarity of working together as a team. Sometimes it is just as difficult for the one birthing to learn how to receive support as it is for the partner to know how to give it. In my classes, partners are prepared for birth not just informed about its mechanics. 

My classes support couples in getting through labor together. This support does not stop when the baby is born. Couples receive skills that will support them in their relationship after the baby arrives. Going from a couple to parents and family is a transition and one that needs love,  attention, and oftentimes, a guide. In my classes, the relationship between the parents is primary. Working with couples becoming parents is one of the things I do best and is one of my deepest pleasures.

If you are looking for classes to deeply connect you with your partner for birth and beyond, you have found them.


Praise from parents who have attended my classes:

"Trying to find the words to express how significant an experience Britta’s class was for me and my husband, turns out, is way more difficult than the birth itself! To call her class transformative would be a grave understatement. Being able to share our darkest, most frighteningly real fears with a group of once strangers (all of whom I now consider comrades), in such a trusting, safe and supportive environment was a huge factor in us having the kind of birth experience we desired. Despite the surprise circumstances surrounding our labor and delivery, we were empowered to take control of the situation and go through the processes the way WE knew it needed to be done. Without Britta’s insight, there’s no way we would have had the confidence, the strength or the know how to achieve such an incredible outcome. Britta taught me how to be a birth warrior and I can honestly say, I used every. single. thing. I learned in her class during the birth process. I truly don’t know how I could have done it without her guidance and the strength of my fellow warrior mamas cheering me on in spirit."
~Natalie Zea
Class participant 2015

"Dear Britta,

Dan and I feel so lucky to have attended your workshop.  We have not taken any other childbirth classes but we both felt more than sure that we ended up at the best one in the world.  Your skill as a mentor,  storyteller, listener,  and communication guide are unmatched and I cannot possibly imagine anyone better suited to exactly the work you do with parents-to-be.  I learned so much, yet never felt overwhelmed with information since you made the day so interactive.  There is so much that I will take with me not only into labor and childbirth but in parenting, life, and my relationships with my partner, myself, and my environment - without a specific to-do list or set of stock instructions.  I loved how all the learning was connected to deep reflection into the senses for I believe that this is how real learning takes place - in the whole self....

Thank you so much!!!"

~Jennifer Ostermann

Class participant 2015

"Like many first-time fathers, I didn't really know what to expect from a birth class. I imagined it would be an extension of the books I had read. A ton of information thrown at you. Lots of notes. A cram session for the most important test of your life. However, now standing on the other side of it all, here's the thing I've come to realize: birth (and the ensuing transition to fatherhood) is anything but an intellectual pursuit. It's probably the most basic, primitive, animalistic process that humans can experience. So the typical idea of a class doesn't really apply. The most helpful preparation isn't about filling your brain with facts and techniques and guidelines, but rather, learning to tap into the old parts of the brain--the instinctual, emotional core. Unfortunately, many men don't often fully appreciate the emotional journey of birth. We focus solely on the rational, practical process of going from A to B--of just getting through it. And while a basic foundation of knowledge and techniques are certainly covered, this class is really more about building confidence in yourself and in your relationship. It's about becoming strong enough to be able to let go. That might sound a little vague or silly now, but trust me, it's everything. And you can't get it from a book or some trendy birthing method. You have to put in the work--both with your partner and yourself. This is where having a great guide is crucial. Britta is an incredibly well-educated and effective teacher who is great at communicating through interactivity and discussion rather than just lecturing. The group dynamic that developed was such a pleasant surprise. To be able to share your thoughts, concerns and goals with a group of peers who are going through the same thing is so incredibly valuable. I'm not always the most extroverted person, but I found myself opening up about a lot of things I hadn't even begun to consider previously. The conversations never felt forced or awkward, as Britta is excellent at making everyone feel at ease while also inspiring genuine, deep introspection. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It was more than just an education, it was the spark that I needed to begin the journey into fatherhood with confidence and insight. Thanks Britta!"


Class participant 2016

"Although I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully articulate how much it has meant to me, I just want to say a deeply grateful thank you for everything.

Jeff and I both feel as if we have been able to work on solidifying the foundation not only of our impending parenthood, but of our relationship as a couple. What an incredibly special experience for us.

Your class also allowed me to grow and process so much that is rapidly changing in my own life, and to embrace it instead of avoiding it. This last bit of time (I'm about 36 weeks) has been filled with moments of anxiety, joy, anticipation, excitement, and boredom, and it's been a welcome challenge to face it all using the tools your teaching has provided me.

Britta, you are an incredibly gifted and hard working teacher- you have such an unique way of allowing us to access the information using our own thoughts and analysis, and your intuitive sense of when to push and when to wait is truly special.

So, thank you thank you thank you for EVERYTHING. We are so lucky to have found you."

Class participant 2016