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Welcome to Embodica!


Thank you for being here. Embodica is about embodied learning--deep learning that happens with more  than just your intellect. What you learn with Embodica will stay with you because you learn through embodied experience and exploration. Whether you take the childbirth education classes/birth classes, receive private couples coaching or parenting support,  or  join a mother's circle, Embodica engages you—body, mind and heart. We have childbirth education classes in Santa Monica, Topanga, and South Pasadena and serve birthing families throughout the greater Los Angeles. Please spend some time exploring. If you have questions, please ask!

Let me share a little bit about how Embodica came to be, and why I do what I do. I am always looking for ways to add meaning and more awareness to my life. I was drawn to work with parents on the threshold of birth, not because I was deeply interested in the mechanics or physiology of birth or even because of a super strong draw to newborns (although, I do love them!). Rather, the pull to birth work was inspired by the transformative power of birth. Birth is one of the only strongly acknowledged rites of passage modern Americans still feel at a deep level. As a pregnant person moves closer to birth, a window opens in their soul. They feel a pull to understand themselves more deeply, to prepare to face all that birth may require, and to deepen their relationship with their partner. A pregnant person facing the physical, emotional and spiritual trials of childbirth begins to seek answers. Often they begin asking within and those around, "what do I need to know to give birth, to cope with the intensity, or to be a parent?" It is this curiosity and desire to learn more that draws me to work with parents in birth. My childbirth education classes prepare birthing individuals and their partners for birth, while acknowledging the whole process as far more than simply a medical event. Pregnancy, labor, and birth collectively are a powerful rite of passage into parenthood.

Not long after I began mentoring parents in preparation for childbirth, I was reminded how much parents need support beyond childbirth. They also want and need support to continue to flourish as a couple even as they navigate new parenthood (and sometimes more so). There are lots of parenting classes out there teaching skills from diapering to discipline. Rarely have I seen classes for the parents focusing on their relationship not as parents but as a couple. This is what I do. I love working with parents in a way that supports them to be the best they can be as a dynamic, loving, and connected couple  beyond their roles as co-parents. Having a strong relationship as a couple is as powerful as any parenting technique!

Putting together childbirth, relationship practice, embodied feminine exploration, myth and ritual and Embodica was born. 

I don't have all the answers, but I do know how to ask good questions and guide you to find out what you most need to know to thrive in whatever stage of parenting you are currently navigating, whetherpregnancy, parenthood, relationship, or remembering to spread your own wings as you navigate it all .

Thank you for visiting Embodica. Want to know more? Peruse these pages and come join me for a class, workshop, private session or retreat. I would love to get to know you and where you desire to have more depth and meaning in your own life.

With much warmth and excitement for your journey,

Britta  and the Embodica Team

​​"Your class really helped Carey feel empowered and he felt a lot more confident in supporting me the way I needed and wanted to be supported. I took lots of childbirth classes and yours was the best.

Britta, you are a master at what you do."

~Alecia Moore

(aka P!nk)

This website is a work in progress. Sometimes, I wish it were perfect, but like so many things in life (parenthood and intimate relationship for example) it is a process.  Check back often to see how it grows, refines and deepens, just as a rough stone is shaped by the river. 

Childbirth Education Classes, Birth Classes, Couples Coaching, Parenting Support,  Mother's Circles and More!